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China Boda Tools Co., Ltd. was founded in 2013 from China, we are located in Zhejiang Province, China. The brand name BOSENDA was registered under the company name. With the development of business, in 2016, we registered Yiwu Xin Tong Import&Export Co.Ltd., with our own import and export rights, with 10 million RMB registering capital.

We have over 100 employees together with our manufacturing side, divided into production, sales, technology, after-sales, warehouse divisions. We are a dynamic team, young, energetic and clear-oriented.

Our factory is located in a famous hardware manufacturing city in China, its also the hometown of the founder of BOSENDA hardware brand. With the unique advantages of hometown hardware and construction material resources, it enables us an easy access in product quality control, efficiency in delivery time and a variety of tools category.

BOSENDA products meet the international standard quality and some of our category are exceed the quality requirements. Our customers are from different countries and our products are sent to all continents. We take participation in overseas exhibitions regularly.

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Our Products

BOSENDA hardware products are divided into several categories, BOSENDA tapper/hole saw series, including glass tapper/glass hole saw, stainless steel tapper/HSS hole saw, TCT alloy tapper/TCT hole saw, wall tapper/wall hole saw/concrete hole saw, marble tapper/marble hole saw, woodworking tapper/wood hole saw. Our opener/hole saw has sharp cutting head and guaranteed material quality. It can drill holes on steel, wood, stone, plastic, glass and other materials.

BOSENDA drill bit series, including electric hammer drill bit, twist drill bits,overlord drill bits, woodworking drill bits so on,our drill bits can be used for drilling on steel, wood, stone, plastic and other materials. With a professional background of drill bits production, BOSENDA drill bit series were granted with industrial qualification certificates, our products are shipped to all continent.

BOSENDA cutting blade series/cutting tools series/cutting disc series, such as diamond cutting blade, TCT alloy wood cutting blade, aluminum cutting discs, grinding wheels/steel cutting disc, glass cutting blade etc., BOSENDA cutting series meet the cutting requirements of various materials in the construction market.

BOSENDA grinding series, stone surface grinding, with a complete product series meet the demand of the market’s need for grinding works.

BOSENDA hand tools series, such as pipe wrench, PVC scissors/PVC cutter, sheet metal scissors, wire cutters,combination wrench, ratchet wrench,tapes, electric tapes, hexagon spanner on so.

BOSENDA electric tools series, angle grinder for 115mm, 180mm and 230mm cutting discs, lithium drill, electronic hammer and so on.We provide electric power tools according to international market demands.


The underneath information is the classification of hardware tools , feel free to contact us if need more information in tools and constructional material products.

(Classification of hardware and electrical products: 1. Hand tools; 2. Electric tools; 3. Cutting tools, measuring tools and abrasives; 4. Fasteners and seals; 5. Material handling; 6. Storage, packaging, and workshop office supplies; 7. Electrical products; 8. Testing instruments and meters; 9. Motors, bearings and belts; 10; lighting; 11; welding; 12 Workshop chemicals 13, safety and security 14, cleaning supplies 15, pneumatic hydraulic 16, pumps, pipe fittings and valves 17, fan fan secondary classification: 1, manual tools: (1) toolbox / bag tool car toolbox portable toolbox( 2) Spanner, adjustable wrench, open-end wrench, dual-purpose wrench, ring wrench, ratchet wrench, hexagon wrench, wrench / torque screwdriver, socket open-end wrench (3) hand socket set socket Metric sleeve impact sleeve auxiliary tool (4) impact sleeve set impact sleeve metric impact sleeve British impact sleeve auxiliary tool (5) impact bit sleeve set impact sleeve hexagon bit (6) Bit sleeve, set bit sleeve, middle hole pattern bit, 12 angle bit sleeve, E-type bit sleeve, hexagon socket bit, cross bit, M-shaped bit, flat bit, flower head (7) screwdriver, multi-functional screwdriver and taxiway head screw Screw cap driver, M-shaped bit screwdriver, hexagon socket head screwdriver, cross head screwdriver, set screwdriver, slotted bit screwdriver, non neck screwdriver head, connecting stem (8) screwdriver head, set screwdriver head, non neck screwdriver head (9) hammer installation hammer octagonal hammer set hammer hammer (10) pliers tools C / g clamp f clamp flat chisel magnetic detector hammer knife forceps spring clamp (11), pliers flat nose pliers long nose pliers wire breaking pliers wire pliers pointed nose pliers snap ring pliers Carp pliers mini pliers, labor saving pliers, water pump pliers, bay nose pliers, cable tools, oblique nose pliers, round nose pliers, comprehensive set pliers (12) electronic tools, electronic pliers, anti-static screw driver, anti-static other products, anti-static pliers, solder wire set electronic pliers (13) Ruler, steel ruler, British tape measure, metric tape, digital display tape, level ruler, fiber tape tape, scissors, scissors for various purposes, iron sheet shear knife, electrical knife, cutter, art knife, insulation tool, testing electric pen and insulating wrench Insulated wire stripper insulated long nose pliers insulated cable knife insulated long nose pliers.

Insulated cable cutter, insulated top cutting pliers, insulated wire pliers, insulated pointed nose pliers, insulated screwdrivers, insulated water pump pliers, insulating sleeve and auxiliary tools, insulated bayonet pliers, insulated inclined pliers, insulated round nose pliers, other insulating tools, set of insulating tools, plumber's tools, pipes Pipe bench tongs chain pipe tongs manual pipe expanding tools manual bending tools plastic pipe cutter threading tool sleeve pipe tools threading machine metal pipe cutter hydraulic pipe bending machine opening riveting tool mechanical rotary cutting tool step drilling metal hole opener Auxiliary tools for hole opener, riveting gun, special tool for vehicle repair, general tool set, brake system tool set, belt pulley tool, engine steering wheel adjustment tool, oil pipe tool set, air system tool, paint coating tool, paint brush, putty knife, paint barrel, wall grinding, silicone gun, line snapping tool, 2, electric tool, hand held Power tool consumables and polishing materials a, drill bit B, chisel C, screwdriver head and sleeve D, hole opener e, curve saw blade F, circular saw blade g, saber saw blade h, grinding machine slice I, grinding blade J, diamond cutting blade K, woodworking cutter L, other accessories m, reciprocating saw blade charging electric actuator With a, ordinary battery power tools B, lithium battery power tools metal cutting power tools a, electric drill B, magnetic base drill C, electric tapping machine D, reciprocating saw.)