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BOSENDA Adjustable Free Cone saw/Wood drill.The material being heat processed, the cutter body has good performance of high concentration and strong torque resistance. The cutting edge is made of high-grade cemented carbide, which has the characteristics of sharp cutting, stable rotation and quick operation.

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BOSENDA wood hole saws /wood drill has a good market comment and it keeps the records for stable regular orders from customers. We have always been trying our best to upgrade the quality of our products even for a small detail, to better meet the market needs. We believe the improve of the quality of our products is always a core in all business dealing, of course so as services too, but quality speaks the last. Hence, we, as a whole team, has been on-going trying our best to improve our work and to keep ourselves stay competitive in a competitive market.


This wood drill is suitable for drilling in plastic wood, gypsum board, plywood and other materials.It is widely used in DIY speaker, spotlight, carpenter, plastic board, etc. It is a new tool in decoration industry, and is suitable for table drill, drilling machine and all kinds of electric hand drill is durable, with a sharp blade, and the smooth chip removal with easy operation. High efficiency screw chip removal, smooth body part, it not stick to the knife and make drilling more effectively.

Cemented carbide cutter head, sharp and durable, can be reused after grinding. The alloy steel is overheated, the scale is accurate and adjustable, and the opening diameter can be adjusted by the distance from the cutter head to the center. Solid hexagonal handle, limited to prevent slipping. Use chuck for 10mm and above. The product is suitable for processing and opening operation on brittle materials such as soft board, plywood, gypsum board and aluminum gusset board.


The external cooling liquid is better to added to when drilling the metal material. In case of any stop caused by the trash materials during operation, it is necessary to stop the operation first and then continue to work after discharging the waste.
Do not use too much force when disassembling and assembling screws. When drilling holes on the material with a thickness of more than 10 mm, it is necessary to remove the spring on the positioning drill.
Bi-Metal Hole Openers/Hole Saws/Bi-Metal Drills are widely used in all kinds of bench drill, drilling machine and electric hand drill.


Note: before use, make sure that all the screws of the product have been fixed. First to test with the electric hand drill to see whether the blade is fixed properly, and then open the hole to avoid improper operation.


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