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The most frequent power tools we see in market are as below:

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1. Lithium battery rechargeable driver / rechargeable driver: which is suitable for drilling holes in and out of screws, metals, ceramics and plastics.
2. Rechargeable electric drill is suitable for turning in and out screws. Drilling can also be done in wood, metal, ceramics and plastics, or impact drilling in brick, concrete and stone.
3. Rechargeable wrench is applicable to screw in and out of the specified size range, and can also be used to tighten and loosen nuts within the specified size range.
4. Rechargeable electric hammer is suitable for impact drilling on brick, concrete and stone. You can also drill holes in wood, metal, ceramics and plastics. The machine equipped with electronic speed control and forward / reverse functions can also loosen / tighten screws and tap. A kind of
5. Electric hand drill is suitable for drilling on plastic, ceramic, metal and wood. Machines equipped with electric adjustment and forward / reverse functions can also rotate and drill threads. A kind of
6. Impact drill is suitable for impact drilling on brick, concrete and stone. It can also drill holes in wood, metal, ceramics and plastics. Models equipped with electronic speed control equipment and forward / reverse function can also loosen / tighten screws and tap. A kind of


7. Hammer drill can be used for vibration drilling on concrete, brick wall and stone. After the vibration drill is turned off, the machine can be used to drill holes on wood, metal, ceramic materials and plastics. The machine equipped with electronic speed control device and positive / negative brick switch can turn in / out screws or drill threads. The machine equipped with cutting function can carry out chiseling operation. A kind of
8. The electric pick is suitable for chiseling on concrete, brick wall, stone and asphalt. If appropriate accessories are installed, the machine can also be used to tap in screws or to tamp loose materials. A kind of
9. Angle grinder is suitable for cutting, grinding and brush grinding metal and stone. Water is not allowed to be used during operation, and guide plate must be used when cutting stone. For models equipped with electronic controls. Grinding and polishing can also be carried out if suitable accessories are installed on such machines. A kind of
10. Polishing machine is suitable for polishing metal and stone. A kind of
11. The straight grinder (with emery wheel installed) is suitable for grinding metal and removing burr. The machine equipped with electronic speed control device can also install brush, fan-shaped grinding wheel and grinding belt on the machine at low speed. A kind of
12. Electric driver is suitable for turning in / out screws and drilling holes in wood, metal, ceramic and plastic. A kind of


13. Tapping machine is suitable for straight hole tapping. After installing special accessories, blind tapping can be carried out. 14. Impact wrench is suitable for turning in / out the screws within the specified size range, and can also tighten / loosen the nuts within the specified size range. A kind of
15. Metal electric shears are suitable for cutting iron sheet, and will not produce chips. You can cut curves and straight lines. A kind of
16. Straight electric shear / electric punching shear is suitable for cutting metal plate, and the metal plate will not twist and deform after cutting. It can be used for straight line cutting, inner hole cutting and narrow bending angle cutting. A kind of
17. The diagonal saw can be used for longitudinal straight cutting and transverse straight cutting. A kind of
18. The profile cutting machine can cut the metal plate vertically and horizontally without using water. A kind of
19. Stone cutting machine is suitable for slotting or cutting on high mineral materials (such as marble). It is necessary to operate the machine on a stable workbench and use protective cover. Machines with special configuration can also be used for wet cutting. It is not allowed to use this machine to cut wood, plastic or metal. A kind of



20. Wall slotting machine
It is equipped with guide slider, which is suitable for cutting or milling grooves on materials with high mineral content (such as reinforced concrete, brick walls and asphalt pavement, etc.), without using water.
21. Curvilinear is suitable for cutting wood, plastic, metal, ceramic board and rubber on fixed underlay. It can cut straight line or bevel angle (to 45 degree angle).
22. It is suitable for sawing on a stable working platform. It can be used for longitudinal and transverse straight sawing or diagonal sawing. The maximum cutting angle of oblique angle cutting is 45 degrees. A kind of
23. Latex cutting machine can use this machine to cut various shapes on foamed plastics, foamed rubber and similar materials. A kind of
24. Sanders / trimmers / planers are suitable for dry grinding of wood, plastics, fillers and painted surfaces. The machine with electric adjustment function can also carry out polishing operation. A kind of
25. Hot air gun can be used to bend or weld plastic, remove old paint and heat shrinkable pipe. In addition, it can also be used for welding, tin plating, glue melting and thawing water pipes. A kind of
26. Wall detector can detect metal, wire, wood and other materials. A kind of
27. Laser rangefinder can measure distance, area and volume, and indirectly measure height. A kind of
28. Laser level instrument this measuring instrument is suitable for measuring and checking horizontal and vertical lines.

Application of angle grinder:
1.Different grinding wheel can be used for different metal grinding, cutting and anti-rusted;
2.The stone cutting blade can be used to process tile, stone, small wood and veneer (it is safer than cutting wood on angle grinder with small saw blade);
The metal polishing can be carried out by changing the wheel and polishing wheel.
Electric hammer:
1.It is specialized in drilling on strong surface, concrete,and stone, and  multifunctional electric hammer. It can be used instead of ordinary electric drill and electric pick when adjusted to the proper position and equipped with appropriate drill bit.
Electric drill pickaxe: it has a great impact function to directly impact and destroy objects, just like you use a hammer and a chisel to work, but the efficiency is definitely many times higher than that of manual work. 


2.The main difference between electric pickaxes and electric hammers is the difference in size. The electric hammers with high power can drill large holes are called electric hammers, which are similar in principle. Both drills have the function of rotation and hammering.
The impact drill can be used as an ordinary electric drill. There is a change-over switch on it, which can be converted into ordinary drilling and impact drilling.

The power of the electric drill of 12V is different from that of 21V. The strength of 12V is smaller than that of 21V.
1. The discharge rate of electric drill battery is divided into many levels. The power of 12V drill is at 10C, and the power is generally around 5C.
2. Power also depends on the output power, because the output voltage of 21V is high, even if the current is not large enough, it can be supplemented by voltage, so we can not simply say whether their power is the same, but also depends on their ability to withstand voltage.

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