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Spanners are basically divided into two types, dead wrench and live wrench. The former refers to the wrench with fixed number written on it, while the latter is the adjustable wrench.

1. Solid spanner: one end or both ends are made with opening of fixed size, which is used to screw nuts or bolts of certain size.

2. Box spanner: both ends have hexagonal hole or twelve corner hole working end, suitable for narrow working space, can not use ordinary wrench occasion.

3. Dual purpose wrench: one end is the same as single solid spanner, the other end is the same as the ring spanner, and the bolts or nuts of the same specification are screwed at both ends.

4. Adjustable spanner: the opening width can be adjusted within a certain size range, and can be used to turn bolts or nuts of different specifications. The structural features of the wrench are that the fixed jaw is made into a flat jaw with fine teeth; one end of the movable jaw is made into a flat jaw; the other end is made into a concave jaw with fine teeth; by pressing down the worm, the movable jaw can be quickly removed and the position of the jaw can be changed.


5. Hook spanner: also known as crescent wrench, used to turn the thickness of the restricted flat nut.
6. Socket wrench: it is composed of multiple sockets with hexagonal hole or twelve hole, and equipped with handle, extension rod and other accessories. It is especially suitable for bolts or nuts with very narrow screw position or deep depression.
7. Hexagon wrench: L-shaped hexagon bar wrench, specially used for turning hexagon screws. The model of the hexagon wrench is based on the size of the opposite side of the hexagon, and the bolt size has the national standard. Purpose: it is specially used for fastening or dismantling round nuts on machine tools, vehicles and mechanical equipment.
8. Torque wrench: it can display the applied torque when screwing the bolt or nut; or when the applied torque reaches the specified value, it will send out light or sound signal. The torque wrench is used for the assembly with the specified torque.


Application of combination wrench: large industrial dual-purpose wrench is suitable for petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, power generation, oil refining, shipbuilding, petrochemical and other industries. It is a necessary tool for equipment installation, device and equipment maintenance. Dual purpose wrench is divided into metric system and English system. Material of dual-purpose wrench/combination wrench: the dual-purpose wrench is made of 45 medium carbon steel or 40Cr alloy steel. Manufacturing standard of dual purpose wrench: GB / t4392-1995 (percussion solid wrench and percussion box wrench). Features of dual-purpose wrench: the dual-purpose wrench/combination wrench is forged from high-quality medium carbon steel or high-quality alloy steel. It has the characteristics of reasonable design, stable structure, high material density, strong impact resistance, no folding, continuous, no bending, high dimensional accuracy and durability.The material of Adjustable spanner should be:

1. Chromium vanadium steel: chemical symbol CR-V, which is of better quality in steel.
2. Carbon steel: the quality is general, and there are many in the market.
Wrench is a kind of commonly used installation and removal tools in life, which is used to turn bolts or nuts.

There are two kinds of spanners, fixed wrench and flexible wrench. The former refers to the wrench that has been written with fixed number, also known as the solid wrench, and the latter is the adjustable wrench.
The opening width of the movable wrench can be adjusted within a certain range. It is a tool for fastening and loosening nuts and bolts of different specifications. The adjustable wrench is composed of a head and a handle, and the head is composed of a movable plate lip, a rigid lip, a plate mouth, a turbine and a shaft pin.
Dead spanner also known as solid wrench, mainly divided into double headed solid wrench and single head solid wrench. It has a wide range of functions, mainly in mechanical maintenance, equipment, home decoration, car repair and other categories. Double headed solid wrench is a general tool, which is necessary for assembling machine tools or spare parts, transportation and agricultural machinery maintenance.


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