Electric hammer, electric draft chisel, SDS, Max, Hex, pointed chisel, flat chisel, four pit and five pit hexagonal chisel,pneumatic chisel

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Chisels are widely used in construction site, BOSENSA chisels are exported to all over the world,they are made of fine workmanship. We have strict control over THE raw materials. Our technicians are constantly improving our products.

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Bosenda factory is located in the hardware manufacturing city in China, where the production of chisels, drill bits and hole saws etc.have complete advantages across the country. Our chisel workmanship and our pursuit of product excellence make our chisel manufacturing technology stay mature and keep competitive in tools market. 


Bosenda series of chisels are widely recognized in the international market,the business is stably on-going.Our customer are from many countries around the world, from North and South America, EU countries, East Eu countries, Est Asia and the Middle East. We will continue to use our mature technology to produce better products to meet market needs.


BOSENDA Electric Hammer Chisel/Chisel,with 40Cr material and carbon steel, 40CR is more durable in use ,which suitable for brick walls, cement walls, concretes and stones. The handles are MAX shank, SDS shank, Hex shank, pneumatic chisel and 65A manuscript and so on, which all with pointed, flat and widening chisels. Package is usually in plastic tube, specific requirements can be customized according to customers’ demand.
We do OEM and ODM, packing can be customized.


BOSENDA Chisels wear strong resistance, durable in life performance, qualified materials made the chisel’s hardness is ahead of most of the market chisels.

Chisels can be used in the holes on the concrete and brick walls, cutting and grooving. We provides a complete series of different types such as pointed chisel, small flat chisel, large flat chisel, semicircular chisel, sharp groove chisel, etc.

The length of chisel can be determined according to the needs of customer.

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