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Electrical tape, or PVC electrical insulation adhesive tape, also known as electrical insulation adhesive tape or insulation tape. Can be abbreviated as: PVC electrical tape, PVC tape and so on. Electrical tape has good insulation, flame resistance, voltage resistance, cold resistance and other characteristics. It is generally suitable for wire winding, insulation and fixation of various kinds of motor and electronic parts such as transformer, motor, capacitor, voltage regulator, etc. Electrical tape has red, yellow, blue, white, green, black, transparent and other colors. What is electrical tape and what are its uses?

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Production process of electrical tape:
It is mainly based on PVC film and then coated with rubber pressure sensitive adhesive.

Purpose of electrical tape:
It is generally suitable for insulation of various resistance parts. For example, the wire joint winding, insulation damage repair, transformer, motor, capacitor, voltage regulator and other types of motor, electronic parts of the insulation protection role. At the same time, it can also be used for binding, fixing, lapping, repairing, sealing and protecting in industrial process.


Electrical tape features:
Electrical tape refers to the tape used by electricians to prevent electric leakage and insulate. It has good insulation performance, flame retardant, high voltage resistance, high temperature resistance, strong shrinkage elasticity, easy to tear, easy to roll, high flame retardancy, good weather resistance and so on. In addition, the application of electrical tape is also very extensive. It can be used for insulation of wire and cable joints below 70 ° C, color identification, sheath protection, wiring harness binding, etc., and can also be used for binding, fixing, lapping, repairing, sealing and protection in industrial process.


Use and storage of electrical tape:
When we use electrical tape, we must wrap it with half overlap. This is to make the winding uniform and neat, and sufficient tension should be applied. Moreover, on the parallel connection type joint, the electrical tape should be wrapped around the end of the wire, and then folded back to leave a rubber pad, so as to prevent chiseling through. When wrapping the last layer of electrical tape, it should not be stretched to avoid pulling the flag. In order to keep its performance stable, electrical tape should be stored in room temperature and ventilation conditions.
BOSENDA electrical tape, made of first-class material, has good adhesion and weight guarantee. It is different from ordinary market electric tapes, which viscosity is not enough, and the feedback after use is generally not ideal. Our tape has been strictly tested, starting from the selection of raw materials, production of each link, are strictly controlled. Make sure that the customer is satisfied after receives. Customers are from the Middle Est, Eastern Europe, South America and EU countries .

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