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Hot melt glue gun, with accurate breaking effect, a variety of nozzles, can meet the requirements of different production lines, unique filter design, conducive to cleaning and other characteristics. The general hot melt glue gun will not deform when it is used at 300 ℃ for a long time, and the joint is durable. Therefore, hot melt adhesive machine is widely used in electronic factory, food factory, packaging factory, etc. In order to make up for the shortcomings of the automatic spray gun and meet the needs of mobile use, the shell of the gun body is made of imported materials, which can withstand high temperature of 300 ℃ and ensure no deformation under high temperature for a long time. The gun body is light in weight and easy to operate. The unique protective device design can prevent the operator from scalding carelessly when working; the universal joint combined with European advanced technology makes it easy to operate and durable; the screw, strip, spot and fog fiber can be used in different industries

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Electric soldering iron is a necessary tool for electrical maintenance. Its main purpose is to weld Du components and wires. In this way, the surface of the clean welding parts and solder are heated to a certain temperature to make the solder melt, and the metal diffusion occurs on the interface and form a bonding layer, so as to realize the metal welding.
When welding, hold the electric soldering iron with the right hand as shown in Fig. 1-20, and hold the element or wire with the left hand with pointed nose pliers or tweezers. Before welding, the electric iron should be fully preheated. A certain amount of solder should be carried on the edge of the soldering iron head. Put the edge of the soldering iron head close to the solder joint. The electric iron is about 60 ° to the horizontal plane. In order to facilitate the flow of molten tin from the solder head to the solder joint. The retention time of the soldering head at the solder joint should be controlled within 2-3 seconds. Lift up the soldering iron head, and the left hand still holds the element still. After the tin at the solder joint is cooled and solidified, the left hand can be released. Use tweezers to turn the lead wire. After confirming that it is not loose, you can cut off the redundant lead wire with the side cutters.


Plastic welding gun is widely used in advertising cloth, tarpaulin, waterproof membrane, anti-seepage liner, waterproof membrane, pipeline, electronic components, automobile bumper, sports floor, pearl cotton processing, electroplating tank, plastic pipe, PP / PE / PVC plate and membrane structure welding and repair of local geomembrane.
It is forbidden to use damaged power supply or power line for charging; it is forbidden to use it under extreme conditions or in high temperature environment (in the hot sun or hot car); it is forbidden to dismantle the battery and reverse the positive and negative poles; it is forbidden to knock, throw, trample, and roll the glue gun; it is forbidden to insert metal foreign matters into the charging port; it is forbidden to use external battery to provide energy; after the battery is scrapped, it should be installed Total treatment. The equipment should not be used by children or people with physical or mental weakness, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they are under supervision or instruction; supervise children not to play with the equipment. If the power cord of this device is damaged, it must only be replaced by our service provider, which is necessary as a special tool and / or part.
1、 Please read all safety regulations and instructions carefully before use. Please keep this manual for future use.
1. Do not let people who are not familiar with the glue gun or do not know these safety regulations and instructions operate the glue gun.
2. Children under eight are not allowed to use it. Make sure the stick is not available to children under eight. There is a risk of suffocation if you swallow the stick.
3. Children and persons with physical, sensory or mental defects or lack of experience and knowledge are not allowed to use glue guns. Children over eight years of age and persons with physical, sensory or mental defects or lack of experience and knowledge can use this glue gun if they are supervised by the person in charge of their safety or have been instructed by the guardian on the use of the glue gun, and have understood the safety regulations and instructions.
4. Children are not allowed to clean, maintain and use the glue gun without supervision.
5. Check the glue gun before each use. Once the glue gun and charging line are found to be damaged, they shall not be used. Please do not open the glue gun by yourself. Only qualified professionals can use the original accessories for maintenance.
6. After the glue gun is powered on, it is not allowed to be unattended.
7. Do not touch the nozzle and silicone sleeve.
8. Only qualified professionals are allowed to use the original spare parts to repair the glue gun. Only in this way can the safety performance of the product be ensured.
9. It is not allowed to use the glue gun when it is soaked in water or wet.
10. Do not throw the stick into the fire.

2、 Safety regulations on charging
1. Do not charge in use, do not charge thermal batteries.
2. It is not allowed to charge on the combustible table (such as paper, fabric, cloth, etc.) or in combustible environment.
3. Do not charge in water or wet condition.

3、 Product and performance description
1, glue guns are suitable for solvent free bonding, such as paper, paperboard, cork, wood, leather, textiles, foam, some plastics, ceramics, porcelain, glass and stone.
2. Suitable for bonding, repairing, decoration and modeling.
3. It is not suitable for objects with bonding temperature of 50 degrees and above.
4. It is not suitable for bonding objects in direct contact with water or liquid.

4、 Operation
1. Start
Please pull back the switch button, the blue light will be on.
2. Close
Please pull the switch button forward to indicate that the switch is off.
3. If the blue light is off, it should be charged in time. The red light is on during charging.
4. The green light is always on, indicating that the electricity is full
5. Please store the closed glue gun safely after use, and make it cool completely before packing. The heat gun nozzle may cause damage.
6. Protect people and animals from hot glue and muzzle. When hot glue comes into contact with skin, rinse immediately with cold water for a few minutes. Don't try to remove the hot glue from the skin.
7. Only low temperature glue stick (melting temperature between 100 and 150 ℃) with diameter of 6.8-7.2mm can be used.
8. Do not use high temperature adhesive stick.
9. Affected by liquid, moisture and high temperature, the adhesive parts may fall off by themselves.

5、 Bonding preparation

1. The bonding position must be clean, dry and free of grease.
2. Materials with adhesive shall not be flammable.
3. Please first test the applicability of the thermal material by the sample workpiece.
4. The ambient temperature and the temperature of the workpiece to be bonded are 5 ℃ - 50 ℃.
5. The material that can make the hot melt adhesive cool quickly should be preheated by hot air gun

6、 Bonding
7、 Done
8、 Failure causes and treatment measures
6、 Bonding

1. Put the rubber stick into the feeding groove.
2. Open the glue gun and heat it for 180 seconds before use.
3. The glue can be used by pressing the board machine.
4. Immediately after applying the hot melt adhesive, squeeze the materials to be bonded together for 10 to 30 seconds. The bonding position can also be corrected.
After cooling for about five minutes, the bonding position can be loaded.
5. Pay attention to do not use any part of the body directly contact with hot melt adhesive at this time.
6. The bonding position can be painted or colored.

7、 Done

1. After cooling, remove the residual glue with a blunt instrument. If necessary, loosen the bonding position again by heating.
2. Please store the closed glue gun safely after use, and make it cool completely before packing. The heat gun nozzle may cause damage.
3. Do not use flammable solvents to clean the bonding position. The hot melt adhesive residue on the clothes cannot be removed.
4. Cool and store in a dry place out of reach of children under eight.

8、 Failure causes and treatment measures

Problems, causes and treatment measures
The feeding of glue stick is difficult and the glue gun is not fully heated. Heat thoroughly for 180 seconds
Feeding too fast
Low battery charge the battery
The melting temperature of glue stick is too high. Use the recommended original rubber stick
The hot melt glue flows backward into the glue gun. The diameter of the glue stick is too small. Use the recommended original glue stick
When feeding vigorously, the rubber rod is not completely melted, and then feed after the glue rod is melted
At the end of gluing, when the glue gun is removed from the bonding position, "filament" will be formed. At the end of gluing, the glue is still coming out. Adjust glue output at the end of gelatinization.
Wipe out the hot melt glue from the nozzle. At the end of gluing, clean the nozzle with the workpiece

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