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Nylon ties are divided into: self-locking nylon ties, label nylon ties, live buckle nylon ties, anti disassembly (lead seal) nylon ties, fixed head nylon ties, plug (aircraft head) nylon ties, pinhole nylon ties, fishbone nylon ties, weather resistant nylon ties, etc.


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Due to the particularity of the products (thin wall, large injection process), the injection molding process and materials of nylon ties are quite particular. The general new manufacturers need a long process of exploration to produce qualified products. The design has the function of stopping back (except for the movable button type), which can only be tightened more tightly with a detachable cable tie (loose buckle).


Nylon tie is made of UL approved nylon-66 material, with fire rating of 94v-2. It has good acid resistance, corrosion resistance and insulation. It is not easy to aging and has strong bearing capacity. The operating temperature is - 20 ℃ to + 80 ℃ (ordinary nylon 66). It is widely used in electronic factory, binding TV sets, computers and other internal connecting lines, lighting, motors, electronic toys and other products, fixing the oil pipeline of mechanical equipment, fixing the cable lines on ships, packing bicycles or binding other objects. It can also be used for binding articles such as agriculture, horticulture and handicrafts. The product has the characteristics of fast binding, good insulation, self-locking and fastening, easy to use and so on.


It is widely used in Christmas gift factory, electronic factory, wire processing factory, wire and cable factory, toy factory, festive Festival, stationery department store, fresh supermarket, residential daily use, electrical appliances, connectors and other articles.

BOSENDA TOOLS provide a complete series of nylon tie products, with first hand PA66 materials and a strong strength tension, our nylon ties are  shipped to many countries worldwide.For more information and professional knowledge, feel free to contact us. 

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