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Classification of padlocks
There are many varieties and specifications of padlocks. Generally, the size of the lock is determined by the width of the lock body, the purpose of the lock is determined by the height of the lock beam, and the series of locks is determined by the opening modes of the padlock, such as direct opening, horizontal opening, top opening and double opening. Our commonly used padlocks are generally straight open and horizontal open.

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That is, when the key is inserted into the key slot of the lock cylinder, the lock can be pulled upward without rotation, which is called "top unlocking". This kind of padlock is especially suitable for holding infants or carrying open people who are not suitable to put down articles. The so-called "double padlock" refers to the lock that can be opened only when two keys are working. It has strong security performance and is suitable for occasions where two people are required to keep the lock and two people are present to open the lock at the same time, such as warehouse and bank.


Classification of padlocks
In addition to the classification of padlocks according to the opening mode (direct opening, horizontal opening, top opening, double opening), we can also classify them according to the internal structure of padlocks. The common types are as follows: marble structure padlocks
One word key padlock
This kind of lock uses cylindrical spring to set obstacles in the lock cylinder, so that the lock cylinder can not rotate and achieve the function of locking. Bullet structure is also one of the commonly used structures of locks. The lock body of a kind of lock is overlapped by metal pieces, which gives people the feeling of thick and solid. It is called "thousand layer lock". However, its internal structure is also a billiard structure, so it belongs to the category of bullet structure padlock. This kind of lock uses sheet metal with different shapes to block and lock. This kind of structure is often used in zinc alloy or its alloy locks.

Magnetic structure padlock:
According to the principle of magnetic repulsion, a magnetic lock cylinder system is adopted. A constant magnetic metal partition board with the same magnetic plate as the key is installed between the lock core groove and the safety pin. The key does not directly contact with the safety pin. When the non slot magnetic key is smoothly inserted into the lock cylinder slot, the key touches the metal partition plate and generates strong repulsion force, which makes the lock open easily. In addition, the principle of magnetic attraction is also used to draw the metal plate tightly and open the lock by spring.


Padlocks are: stainless steel padlock, copper padlock, Du-plated iron padlock, gray iron padlock,imitation copper padlock, zinc alloy padlock, fork lock, chain lock
1. Stainless steel padlock: this kind of padlock is characterized by strong oxidation resistance and is suitable for outdoor use. However, due to the difficulty of processing and high cost, it is rarely used in China.
2. Copper padlock: the main material of the lock is copper, and the commonly used one is small copper padlock, which is less than 40mm in size, mainly because the copper price is relatively high.



3. Iron Padlocks: very common.
B. Gray iron padlock: the surface is treated with gray paint, and then many colorful padlocks appear, all of which belong to this category.
C. Imitation copper padlock: it belongs to electroplated iron padlock, which refers to copper plating on the surface
4. Zinc alloy padlock: this kind of padlock is molded by die casting machine with high precision.
3、 By shape
1. Fork lock
2. Chain lock
3. U-type lock

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