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With the development of science and technology, today’s safe has developed from the simplest anti-theft function to almost innumerable types, such as anti-theft, fire prevention, anti-theft,fire-proof, anti-magnetic, household, business, hotel, firearms, documents , data, etc.

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Due to its special function furniture and anti-theft, special attention should be paid to the selection of safe. The selection of safe can be basically considered from the following aspects:
1.Steel plate material selection: distinguish from the thickness, material and origin of the steel plate, which are related to the bearing capacity of the safe when using special tools such as electric drill and cutting.
2.Forming and welding: check whether the cabinet body is formed at one time, check whether the gap between the cabinet door and the door frame, and whether the switch is flexible. If the gap is too large, the anti prying function will be weakened. For the fireproof safe, too large gap is not allowed.
3.Traditional structure: This is the core of the safe. Because it is in the box, the user can not see it, but it is the key to prevent technical opening. Users can ask the merchant to open the back cover behind the door panel to check whether the internal traditional structure is precise and whether the transmission is flexible. In addition, we should also check the structure of the lock bolt. The diameter of the lock bolt should be thickened. Now the popular lock bolt format has a good anti opening effect.


4.Lock: if the traditional structure is a surface, then the lock is the most important point. Destroying the lock or imitating the key is equivalent to destroying the heart of the anti-theft mechanism. Complex locks can effectively prevent damage and key copying.
5.Auxiliary parts: the processing of spare parts should ensure the reliability of their performance to cope with the ever-changing use environment.
6.Alarm function: there is an automatic alarm function, and under certain circumstances can the automatic alarm be given (such as moving, hitting or three wrong codes). Of course, the richer the activation conditions, the better. At present, many safes do not have automatic alarm function, or there are few automatic alarm activation conditions. You need to inquire clearly when purchasing.


7.Anti corrosion treatment: if this process is not handled well, it will affect the appearance of the box, and in serious cases, it will cause damage to the function. The inside and outside of the anti-theft safe should be painted, sprayed plastic and other surface anti-corrosion treatment. Mechanical safe.
8.Appearance: bulky and monotonous is no longer the customer's understanding of the safe. People are treating it as a home decoration. First of all, observe whether the surface is smooth and whether the paint is even. Secondly, observe whether the color and shape belong to their favorite type, and combine with the actual office environment to purchase.
9.Size: measure the size of safe according to your actual needs. If it is placed at the corner of the wall, it is not necessary to consider the size too much. If it needs to be placed in a concealed place, such as a cabinet, the size of the safe is at most 50 cm and the weight is within 30kg. It should be noted that most safes with a height of more than 50 cm are equipped with bottom wheels and can be moved anywhere. Now there are many sizes and specifications of safe. Generally, the maximum size can be more than 100cm. It can also be customized. It takes 15 days to customize.


10.Battery: specifically for electronic password safe. In addition to the built-in battery, the electronic password safe generally has an external spare battery box. When purchasing, you need to pay attention to whether it is complete. BOSENDA brands of safe also have power display on the panel, which can provide a lot of convenience in actual operation.

BOSENDA safe supply a complete specifications of safety box/safe, fire-resistance safety box/safe with different functions and the descriptions described above, weight can be customized according to customer requirements, key lock, fingerprint lock, password lock can be provided according to different needs, material from ordinary steel plate to super hard steel plate, customized according to different needs. Monthly production of tens of thousands of units, fast delivery, to avoid customer waiting time. Production with high efficiency, strict control of all links.


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